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Going through a tough divorce? Need help with a specific family law matter? Our attorney has over 40 years of experience with family law-related cases. Whether you’re in Englewood Cliffs or Bayside, contact our law offices today for assistance with:

  • Child custody proceedings
  • Child visitation/parenting time proceedings
  • Child support proceedings
Trust that, with Mr. Perskin’s experience on your side, you can find a way through this struggle without coming away with permanent scars.

3 qualities that make Robert S. Perskin stand out

3 qualities that make Robert S. Perskin stand out

Deciding on the right family lawyer is a tough call, especially in New York and New Jersey. With so many attorneys to choose from, what makes Robert S. Perskin stand above the rest? Mr. Perskin:

  1. Provides collaborative and communicative services for his clients’ peace of mind.
  2. Aggressively fights for his clients in the courtroom, especially in matters involving children.
  3. Continues to see clients after their case has been filed, digging deep to provide services with heart.
After 40+ years, Mr. Perskin knows what the heartache can be like for family members involved in a separation. But your case is uniquely yours – so expect nothing but personal and compassionate service. Reach out to The Law Offices of Robert S. Perskin today and experience the difference that caring makes.